Born in Genoa in 1957. His father was a shipping agent and a jazz-music collector. His mother loved dancing music and chinese medicine. He gets his first music knowledges at groundschool, playing in the little orchestra. From the age of 14 he hangs around in the recording studio of one of his school-mates' father. At the age of 16 he co-founds Picchio dal Pozzo with other three buddies (Aldo De Scalzi, Giorgio Karaghiosoff e Andrea Beccari); the band is considered to date the top italian expression of the 'Canterbury Sound'. PdP's activity goes through the '70s making concerts, founding music free-schools in underdeveloped areas of the town, working as cultural entertainers at the hometown's mental hospital and a collaboration with Demetrio Stratos. In the '80s he works as guitarplayer and soundengineer freelance (New Trolls, Latte e Miele, O.Vanoni, Matia Bazar,Patty Pravo, Ron, Sabrina Salerno); founds Blue Gardenia, a pop duo with Mariangela Bettanini (vocal), supporting band in the Sabrina Salerno's international tour 1989/1990. In the early '90s he founds Aliante together with Orazio Ursino (bass), an 'open' jazz-rock duo, cooperating with Claudio Lugo (soprano sax , lecturer at Conservatorio A.Vivaldi di Alessandria), Salvatore Cammilleri (drums, Finardi, Ramazzotti, Vecchioni...), Enrico Spigno (drums, G.Gaber), Marco Biggi (drums), Luca Ravagni (tenor sax, G.Gaber), Claudio Capurro (alto sax), Mimmo Damiani (keybds, Latte e Miele). In the middle of the 90's he crosses the Atlantic Ocean and settles down in Grenada (West Indies) where he plays in local raggae, calypso and soca bands and meets Tom Zimmermann; with Tom he founds Due Fusi, an electronic-psychedelic duo and Fishel Bros., a blues-rock trio. After hurricane Ivan in sept. 2004, he moves to S.Maarten (Dutch Antilles) for 3 years and then goes back to Grenada. From 2009 he's in Genoa again and in 2011 he sets up GRIG, a music-visual project based on the concept of 'time' and drawn on E.Olmi's movie 'Il tempo si č fermato' ('Time has stopped').